How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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HOW  THE  GRINCH  STOLE  CHRISTMAS is  a  children´s  story  by  Theodor  “Dr. Seuss”  Geissel written  in  rhymed  verse  with  illustrations  by  the  author.  It  follows  the  Grinch,  a  grouchy  solitary  creature who  intends  to  put  an end to  Christmas  by  stealing  Christmas-themed  items from  the  homes  of  the  nearby  town Whoville  on  Christmas  Eve.

The story  was  published  as  a  book  by Random  House in  1957, and  approximately   the  same  time  in  an  issue of  RedBook.  The  book  criticizes  the  commercialization of  Christmas.

PLOT: The  Grinch  is  a  bitter,  grouchy,  cave-dwelling   creature  with a  heart  “two  sizes  too  small”  who  is  living  as  a  hermit   on  a  snowy  Mount  Crumpit,  a  steep  high  mountain  just  north  of  the  town of  Whoville,  home  of  the  Merry  and  warm-hearted  Whos.  His  only  companion  in  his  unloved,  but  loyal  dog  Max.  From  his  cave, the  Grinch  can  hear  the  noisy   Christmas  Festivities  that  take place  in  Whoville. Continuously annoyed, he  devices  a  wicked  scheme to  steal  their  presents,  trees  and  food  for  their Christmas  Feast.

After  spending  all  night stealing  stuff from  the  house  of  Whoville,  the  Grich  travels  back  to  the  top of  Mount  Crumpit.  Intending  to  dump  all  the  Christmas stuff  into  the abyss. As  drawn  arrives, the  Grinch  expects  the  people   in  Whoville  to  let bitter  and sorrowful  cries,  but  it  is  confusing  to  hear  them singing  and  a  joyous   Christmas  song instead.  He´s  puzzled  until  it draws  on  him  that maybe  Christmas,  perhaps ,  means  a  little  bit  more  than  just  presents  and  feasting. The Grinch  Shrunken  Heart suddenly  grows  three  sizes.  The  reformed  and  liberated  Grinch  returns  to  the  village  to  give  back  all  of  the Whos Christmas  stuff   and  participate  in  their  Christmas  Feast.



  • Grouchy: Irritable and bad-tempered, grumpy.
  • Intend To: To try to carry out an objective.
  • Christmas Themed: Related to Christmas.
  • Bitter: Someone who is bitter is angry and  unhappy  because  they  can´t  forget   bad  things   that  happened  in  the  past.
  • Cave Dwelling: A  cave  used  as  a  dwelling by  primitive,  prehistoric  and  recent  tribes.
  • Hermit: A  person  who  lives  alone and  apart  from  the  rest of  society,  especially   for  religious  reasons.
  • Steep High: Sharply angled.
  • Warm-hearted: Kind and loving.
  • Dump: To  put  down  or  drop  something  in  a  careless  way.
  • Abyss: A very deep hole that seems to have no bottom. 


If  you haven´t  seen  the  movie  yet,  try  to  watch  it  and  figure  out  what´s  the  main  message  of  the  film.


  • What do you think about “How  the  Grinch  stole  Christmas”?

Welcome to this activity created by Team Leader in Charge Juan Guadalupe Vaca Pérez and Junior Advisor Maria Jose Elizalde Davila from Satelite Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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