Hong Seok-jung (North Korea)

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HONG  SEOK-JUNG  is  a  novelist  and  shirt  story  writer   in  Democratic  People´s Republic of  Korea (DPRK).  He  was  born  in  Seoul,  now  the  capital  of  the Republic  Of  korea.  His  family  moved  from  Seoul   in  1945,  and  his  grandfather,  who  was  also  a  famous  novelist,  became a  respected  writer.

His  first  published  work  was  a  short  story  named  “Red  Flower”,    it  was  published  in  1970.  His  most successful work   was  the  novel   Northeaster,  which  appeared   on  19993.  In  2002  He  brought  out   a  historical  novel set   in  the  17th  century.  HONG  SEOK-JUNG    was  awarded   South  Korea´s   Manhae  Literary  Prize,  the  first  time  it  had  been  awarded   to  a  North  Korean  writer.

In  1979,  He  joined    the  central  comitte  of  North  Korea´s   Official   Literary  Organization,  the Joseon   writers  alliance.


  • Successful:  Accomplished, achieved.
  • Set: To  put  something or  someone  in  a  particular  place.
  • Awarded: To  receive  a  prize or medal.
  • Alliance: The  state  of  being  allied.


Remember that is fun to know more about authors from other parts of the world because we can learn about their culture and realities on what they write.


Would you like to read the books from Hong Seok-Jung?          

Session 5

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