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Glam rock emerged from the English psychedelic and art rock scenes of the late 1960s and can be seen as both an extension of and reaction against those trends. Musically diverse, varying between the simple rock and roll revivalism of figures like Alvin Stardust to the complex art rock of Roxy Music, and can be seen as much as a fashion as a musical subgenre. Visually it was a mesh of various styles, ranging from 1930s Hollywood glamor, through 1950s pin-up sex appeal, pre-war Cabaret theatrics, Victorian literary and symbolist styles, science fiction, to ancient and occult mysticism and mythology; manifesting itself in outrageous clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and platform-soled boots. Glam is most noted for its sexual and gender ambiguity and representations of androgyny, beside extensive use of theatrics. It was prefigured by the showmanship and gender-identity manipulation of American acts such as the Cockettes and Alice Cooper.

Makeup is a form of expression and so is Rock. Glam Rock alone came from the need to express. Therefore when makeup is used it is predominantly to express either a personal style, objection to norms and society or just to express one’s current feelings. So go ahead, glam up your style with a bit of makeup and let’s ROCK!



  • Psychedelic: Of, relating to, or noting any of varioius drugs producing this state, as LSD, mescaline, or psilocybin.
  • Varying: To change or alter, as in form, appearance, character, or substance.
  • Mysticism: The beliefs, ideas, or mode of thought or mystics.
  • Makeup: Facial cosmetics, as eye shadow or lipstick.


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  • What do you think about the change in Rock Makeup through the years? Why has it changed and how will it continue to evolve?

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