Fun Facts about The Aurora Borealis in Canada

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The Aurora Borealis is a celestial phenomenon you definitely must see before you die.  It seems almost unreal or from a fantasy movie but this effect is pretty normal in some parts of the world. Let’s discover some fun facts and recommendations if you want to see the northern lights.  

  • In the north part of the world, this phenomenon is known as aurora borealis and in the south it is called aurora australis.
  • The color of the polar lights depends on the type of electrons colliding in the atmosphere.
  • Oxygen emits green, yellow or red light and nitrogen emits blue light.
  • The blend of electrons can produce purple, pink or white light.
  • The auroras are always present but some places and seasons are better to see them than others.
  • It is better to consult the weather forecast beforehand, a cloudy night might spoil the fun.
  • Choose a night with the new moon instead of full moon so you can see the lights better.
  • Don’t forget to bring really warm clothes, the temperatures might reach -40°C.
  • Choose a place far from the bright city lights.
  • Be aware of all points in the sky, you might see them all around and not only on the northern horizon.
  • Don’t forget your camera to capture this amazing moment.


  • Electron: An extremely piece of matter with a negative electrical charge.
  • Blend: A mixture of different things or styles.
  • Forecast: To say what you expect to happen in the future, in this case about the weather.
  • Spoil: To destroy or reduce the pleasure, interest or beauty of something.


Read about other countries around the world where you can see the polar lights and share the information with the Learnex Community.


  • From your perspective, what’s the most fascinating feature about the aurora borealis?

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