Fun Facts About The Huasteca Potosina

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The Huasteca Potosina has many things to offer visitors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a foreigner, you can always see and enjoy something new in this place. Let’s review some of the main features of this place and some recommendations for your visit.

  • Here you can find rivers, spectacular waterfalls, caves, archeological sites and an exuberant.
  • You can reach the amazing Tamul waterfall by rowing a boat.
  • The tour to Tamul lasts more than an hour and the waterfall is 105 meters high.
  • There’s a turquoise pool called Puente de Dios which is 30 meters deep and you can dive in.
  • The Sótano de las Golondrinas or Cave of Swallows is 512 meters deep.
  • The entrance to the Cave of Swallows is of 60 meters long and is considered one of Mexico’s natural wonders.
  • Tamtoc is an archeological site with 70 circular structures.
  • Normally the Huasteca region has hot weather so you should wear light clothes.
  • Mosquitoes can be annoying so remember to take repellent and sunscreen.


  • Exuberant: Strong and growing quickly.
  • Rowing: The activity or sport of moving a boat through water using oars.
  • Dive in: To start doing something suddenly and energetically.
  • Annoying: Something that bothers you.


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