Franz Beckenbauer (Germany)

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Franz is a very well-known professional football player and manager of different teams, he was born in the year 1945, in Munich Germany. Since he started playing, has been known as Der Kaiser, because he was an elegant player, he started as a central defender, being part of the Bayern Munich.

He played in three FIFA World Cups, (1966 (celebrated in England), 1970 (celebrated in México) and 1974(celebrated in Germany), also won the UEFA CUP in 1967, he made 97 goals on his entire career.

The clubs he has played are; Bayern Munich (1964 – 1977), New York Cosmos (1977 – 1980), Hamburger SV (1980 – 1982) and New York Cosmos (1983 – 1984), but the teams he managed are West Germany National Team (1984 – 1990), Olympique De Marseille (1990 – 1991), and Bayern Munich (1993 – 1994, 1996).

He has received five awards that are the golden globe in 1972 and 1976, Bambi Honorary Prize of the Jury in 2000, Bambi Millenuim Award in 2005, Laureus Special Award to the trajectory of a lifetime in 2007.



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  • Who  do  you  consider  to  be  the  Best  Soccer  Player  in  the  World?

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