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We are all aware of fashion designers from around the world. I’m sure you’ve heard about Christian Dior, Coco Chanel or even Gucci or Versace. But have you ever heard anyone talk about Mexican fashion designers? Contemporary fashion is one of the most recognized styles here in Mexico, for their creative and outstanding designs, through these blogs you will learn about three of the most famous people involved in the fashion industry.

Macario Jiménez:

                Macario Jiménez’s professional talent turns twenty-five. He learned the trade in Milan, at the renowned Marangoni Institute. Back in Mexico, his country, he found his own voice and set his imagination running with his brand. Since then no rest has been allowed.

From day one ideas, colors, arguments and textures have conspired to formulate the designs for a world-class collection.

Inside Macario Jiménez’s workshop, knowledge is breathed and multiplied generously distributed among pattern makers, seamstresses and apprentices, who coincide in their best effort with the adventure of the same identity.

The main hallmark of this designer is exclusivity. Like a fingerprint, each garment responds to the person who wears it. The reinvention of the senses has been a daily discipline and the balance of simplicity is the secret of its aesthetics.


  1. Outstanding: Exceptionally good.
  2. Renowned: Known or talked about by many people; famous.
  3. Breathed: Having breath of a specific kind.
  4. Pattern: A model or design used as guide in needlework and other crafts.
  5. Seamstresses: Women who sew, especially one who earns her living by sewing.
  6. Hallmark: A mark stamped on articles of gold, silver or platinum in Britain, certifying their standard of purity.



QUESTIONNAIRE Have you noticed Mexicans have a great amount of talent?

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