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We are all aware of fashion designers from around the world. I’m sure you’ve heard about Christian Dior, Coco Chanel or even Gucci or Versace. But have you ever heard anyone talk about Mexican fashion designers? Contemporary fashion is one of the most recognized styles here in Mexico, for their creative and outstanding designs, through these blogs you will learn about three of the most famous people involved in the fashion industry.

Lydia Lavín:

                LYDIA LAVÍN is a Mexican brand that works with indigenous communities and artisans from various states of the country. The company has 14 years of extensive experience, both in Mexican and international fashion.

Because the owner of the brand has been an academic at the Universidad Iberoamericana for more than 40 years, a central part of Lydia Lavín is the recognition of the study and understanding of indigenous communities and, specifically, the clothing they develop.

The LYDIA LAVÍN brand emerged in 2005 with the proposal to create contemporary Mexican fashion, emanating from the research work carried out by Lydia Lavín with the Indigenous Institute for the preservation of indigenous Mexican textile techniques and the Universidad Iberoamericana.


  1. Outstanding: Exceptionally good.
  2. Emanating: Originate from; be produced by.


QUESTIONNAIRE:  Have you noticed Mexicans have a great amount of talent?

RECOMMENDATION:  Before buying a formal gown, look up some of the most relevant designers in your country and it’ll make the job easier!

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