Creating the Best Piñata

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Piñatas  are  popular  as  a game-like  activity   at  special  events  and  birthday  parties. If  you  need  some  ideas  about  how  to  make  your  piñatas  at  home,  there  are  a  couple  of  different   techniques  you  can  consider using.


A  piñata  is  a  container  filled  with candies  and  small  toys.  It  is usually  decorated  to  be  bright  and  colorful,   and  it  is  made  in  a  variety  of  shapes  and  sizes.  You  can  hang  it  from  a  tree  branch  or  other  high  place.  One  at  a  time,  participants  are  blindfoldedspun  around  a  few  times,  and  then  they  swing  a  stick  or bat  at  the  piñata  trying to  break  it  open  so  the  candy  and  toys   inside  spill  out  When  the  piñata  is  open  broken,  everyone  scrambles  to   as  many  goodies   as  possible.

Here  are  the  steps  to  create  the  best  piñata:

  1. Choose  a  shape  for  your  piñata.
  2. Protect  your  work  area.
  3. Make  the  paper  mache  paste.
  4. Prepare  your  paper  strips.
  5. Inflate  a  balloon.
  6. Apply  the  paper  mache  paste to  your  paper  strips.
  7. Apply  the  paper  mache  to  the  balloon.
  8. Let  the  piñata  dry.
  9. Paint  the  piñata.
  10. Glue  crepe  paper   to  the  piñata.
  11. Add  finishing  touches.
  12. Cut  a  hole  for  the  candy.
  13. Make  the  hole  bigger  if  needed.
  14. Punch  two  small  holes  around   the   main  hole.
  15. Put  the  goodies  in.
  16. Cover  the  hole.
  17. Hang  the  piñata.
  18. HAVE  FUN!



  • Blindfolded: Someone  who  is  deprived  of  sight  with  a  piece  of  cloth  around  the  head in  order  to  cover  the  eyes.
  • Spun Around: To turn (someone or something) around quickly.
  • Spill out: To fall, flow or run over the edge of a container or to cause something to fall.
  • Scrambles: Make one´s way quickly over round ground by using one´s hands as well as one´s feet.
  • Goodies: Something attractive or desirable.


Try  to  create  your  own  piñata  adding  your  own  style.


  • Do  you  know  what  do  the  7  pikes   of  the  piñata  mean?

Welcome to this activity created by Team Leader in Charge Mr. Juan Guadalupe Vaca Pérez from Satelite Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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