Building a Snowman

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“Knock, knock, do you want to build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play…”

The snowman has been a part of Christmas culture for many years. Even if we’re not from a region where it snows, we’ve seen this figure in many movies, TV series, shows or even songs.


Historians are not sure when the first snowman was created, but the author of “The History of the Snowman”, Bob Eckstein tracked back this practice to the middle ages. The oldest evidence of a snowman was found in a book from 1380 where we can find an illustration of the figure.

Snow was considered an art supply and many artists used it to create great sculptures. An amazing example of this was the great Michealangelo himself who in 1494 had the task to sculpt a snowman in the courtyard of the ruler of Florence. It was recorded by the art historian Giorgio Vasari but for obvious reasons that work of art was lost.

Centuries later this practice didn’t die and people who suffered from harsh winters had the opportunity to look at the bright side and fill their cities with snowmen. In 1511, the City of Brussels, Belgium, had a snowman in every corner and they were able to express themselves through snow art. Unfortunately, it was so much snow that in spring the citizens had to face terrible floods.

Nowadays, people from all over the world keep this practice alive. It such an instinct rooted in our culture that even if we live in warm regions without snow, in the moment we encounter this icy shape of water it becomes our task to create.

Our pop culture is submerged with the idea of the snowman. There are plenty of movies and animated TV shows that are now part of the Christmas season. We have Frosty the snowman, for instance, and its catchy song. More recently, we have Frozen by Disney and their snowman Olaf who has become a commercial monster this years.

Have you ever built a snowman? What items would you add to it? Tell us in the comment section below and practice your English.

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