Bali, Indonesia

Learnex, English Forever ¡Aprende Inglés para Siempre!

1) First time in Bali Indonesia:

Your first time in Bali can be smooth and memorable; you only need to know where to start… They came up with this idea of having a Bali survival guide in order to guide you through this amazing place and to help you to enjoy your first visit to this world-favorite holiday island.

2) Attractions:

Is it true that this island is a surfers and beach lover’s paradise. It’s packed with sightseeing attractions. Almost everywhere you go in Bali, there are ancient temples, palaces and unique landmarks to discover, in each resort area you can browse through shopping streets for a bargain and the same can be said for the nightlife scene as well. There’s a lot to enjoy in your first time here…

3) What to do in Bali:

In Bali you will never have enough time to enjoy all the things that Bali has to offer. The island’s countless temples, historical sites and spots of natural beauty are spread across the whole island. In between there’s fun and excitement to enjoy through different activities. You might as well enjoy the beachfront of your hotel throughout your short visit but if you decide to go out and walk around i guarantee that you will enjoy every step in Bali…

4) Places to shop in Bali:

If shopping wasn’t on your plans, you most likely end up with a bargain on your first time in Bali because as you walk down the streets you will find different things of fine arts like, paintings, delicately craft jewelry, woodcarvings and beautiful souvenirs



  • Packed: To be full (The subway was packed this morning).
  • Ancient: Very old, from a long time ago (My grandpa talks to me about the ancient times when the Aztecs used to be alive). 
  • Bargain: To make a good deal for a good price (The dress was a real bargain).
  • Countless: Very, many ( I tried to call him countless times this morning). 
  • Spread: To expand something or to be all over the place (The bird spread its winds and flew away) (tomorrow we won’t work, could you spread the word).
  • Souvenir: Something that you keep to remember a place or a special event (I brought this beautiful hat as a souvenir from Texas).


Something different is always a good experience, especially when you get out of your environment.

Focus on the main idea of your conversation or context as you speak, its going to be easy for you to understand everything and not just the words that you recognize, remember that a lot of times you just have to be logical, if you are talking about office then just concentrate on the conversation that you are carrying on, if you are talking about chickens then do the same thing…


  • What would you like to do in this island?

Session 2

Welcome to this activity created by Junior Advisor Ms. Areli Gallaga from Reforma Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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