3 Things You Must Know about “Avengers: Infinity War”

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The new Avengers movie is a highly expected event where we will see MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) characters from different films collide in the ultimate war to save the universe. Superhero fans will hit the theaters on April all around the world, but are you ready to live this adventure?

We’ll tell you 3 things you must know about “The Avengers” before you watch Infinity War.


Infinity Stones

They have appeared in 9 films already, but do you know their names, what they do and where are they now?

Power Stone

Mind Stone

Reality Stone

Was found by Peter Quill from the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps are taking care of it.

Located in the Chitauri Scepter which was used by Loki to invade the Earth. Later, Ultron used it to create Vision and has the stone crusted in his forehead.

Known as Aether, we first saw it in Thor: The Dark World. The Asgardians gave the stone to the Collector as they were already protecting the Tesseract.

Soul Stone

Space Stone

Time Stone

It’s currently lost. We haven’t seen any clue about its whereabouts.

Known as the Tesseract, we have seen this stone in different movies. Loki has this stone at the end of Thor: Ragnarok and we were able to confirm it with the new trailer.

It’s with Dr. Strange known, as the Eye of Agamotto and has the ability to manipulate time.

We are expecting to see the Soul Stone in the new Black Panther movie or maybe we’ll have to wait until any of the two Infinity War films are released.

Superheroes reunion

The Avengers films have been a total success and a big part is due to the combination of many superheroes. In this new movie we will see the characters from the first two movies, the original heroes such as Thor, Iron man or Hulk. In the Age of Ultron we met Vision and Scarlet Witch.

In Civil War, more heroes united to the story like Falcon, Black Panther, Antman and Spiderman. On this new film we will enjoy the presence of some heroes out of that galaxy. Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot and Mantis are going to kick some butt and make you laugh. And not to forget Dr. Strange so prepare to witness an epic battle.



One the most expected super villain of the MCU will finally appear in the Infinity Wars. Thanos is a powerful warlord who has exterminated entire races. His goal is to finish all the life in the universe to impress Mistress Death.  He’s in charge of the Chitauri army, the one that invaded New York in the first Avengers film.

He has made alliances with different villains including Loki and Ronan, to recover the stones. However, he is disappointed with the results and he is taking the matter into his own hands. Literally. He has recovered the Infinity Gauntlet to be able to hold and control all the Infinity Stones at once and mold reality at his will.


As a bonus you must know that the events happening in the new film will take place 4 years after the time of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, so you might see a different version of Groot. Also prepare yourself to lose some of your favorite heroes, rumors say this might be the end of some of them.

Are you ready for another adventure? Which is your favorite Marvel superhero? Tell us about it in the comment section and practice your English.

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