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22 – July – 2021

Since Athens in 1896 the Olympic Games have been the meeting point, every four years, for athletes from all over the world. Also known as the Olympics or the Olympic Games, it is one of the largest sporting events in the world and one of the most televised. Click here on Feedback Learnex and enjoy this exciting topic.

15 – July – 2021

It is estimated that the Olympic Games began to be held in 776 BC. C in the city of Olympia, here the harmonious development of body and soul was favored, as well as peace and harmony between peoples and men of the Olympic spirit. Click here on Feedback Learnex and enjoy this great topic.

08 – July – 2021

More than a city, Tokyo is a great megalopolis and as such, it bears witness to a wide range of stories. Many of these stories will never be told, but thanks to cinema we can tour this city. Click here on Feedback Learnex and enjoy this great topic.

01 – July -2021

Japan is one of the most seductive destinations on the globe. Traveling to the land of the rising sun is a unique experience. Only in Japan can you go from a dinner in which a robot acts as a waiter to a village where they are not that used to tourists. Click here to see this weeks Feedback Learnex and marvel at this great topic.

24 – June – 2021

Would you like to experience an outdoor picnic? Meet some ideal places to do it, there are many options to spend an incredible day with family, friends or that special person. Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover them. You will love them!

17 – June – 2021

June is the month to celebrate Father’s Day and was formally born as a tribute from a daughter to her widowed father who took charge of her upbringing. Click here on Feedback Learnex and enjoy this program dedicated to these great heroes.

10 – June – 2021

What personality does your business convey? … According to Fiona Humberstone, there are 4 types of personalities that businesses can have when looking at them from the way others perceive them. Click and discover more about this interesting topic.

03 – June – 2021

Narcissism is the exaggerated love and admiration that the subject feels towards himself. It can be considered as a clinical pathology in the field of psychology, although the word is also used in common language as a mere synonym for vanity or presumption. Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover more of an exciting topic.

27 – May – 2021

Rock is a musical genre that is characterized by having lyrics with great meaning, derived from other musical styles such as Jazz, Blues, Country and Folk, from its birth to the present, Rock has been part of various changes and mixes that they have endowed it with numerous shades. Click here on Feedback Learnex and marvel at this great musical genre.

20 – May – 2021

“The 27 Club” This is the name of a group of artists who share a general characteristics: having died at the age of 27. Do you know who makes it up? Click here on Feedback Learnex and we will tell you all the details.

13 – May – 2021

Did you know that Charles Edward Anderson Berry, better known as Chuck Berry was a composer, performer, singer and guitarist, and is the American artist considered one of the most influential musicians in the history of rock and roll? Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover more of this great legend.

06 – May – 2021

The Cursed Poets movement was born in the nineteenth century in France, when a series of poets and writers began to break the established rules looking for beauty where no one else saw it. Click here on Feedback and discover this interesting topic.


29 – April – 2021

If you were a child again, what would you do? What was your favorite game? It is nice to remember the past, but are you really connected with your inner child? .. Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover more about this enigmatic topic.

22 – April -2021

The International Mother Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 with the aim of raising awareness among humanity about the problems generated by overpopulation, pollution, the conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns. Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover more about this wonderful topic.

15 – April – 2021 
Learn about the benefits that International English Certifications bring to your professional life, they have become an essential requirement to enter different markets.
Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover more about this interesting topic. Stop hesitating and Learn English Forever.

08 – April – 2021

Sport has historically played an important role in all societies, be it in the form of sports competitions, physical activities or games. But one may wonder: what does sport have to do with the United Nations? Click here on Feedback Learnex and find out much more!

01 – April – 2021

Easter, originally, is a religious festival that celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ, although throughout history it has been joined by more traditions such as Easter Eggs Hunt, which are a part of the Anglo-Saxon celebrations where new life and the beginning of spring is represented … Click here on Feedback Learnex and find out about this great tradition!

25 – March – 2021

Aliens, airplanes that leave you sterile, secret societies, Elvis, Kennedy … are some of the most famous conspiracy theories. Click on this enigmatic topic here on Feedback Learnex and discover more of what the rest of the world sees. 

18 – March – 2021

The decade of the 90’s is full of events, technology and music, events that accompanied a period full of innovations and much more. Click here on Feedback Learnex, we will show you the improvements that added to the change.

11 – March – 2021

The personality of some of the main characters in Disney’s children’s stories have served to name some pathologies identified by doctors and psychiatrists. Would you like to know what they are? Click here on Feedback Learnex and you will be surprised!

05 – March – 2021

There is still a long way to go to achieve true gender equality, however women throughout history have grown and developed  exponentially. Click on this chapter of Feedback Learnex and discover a great transformation. You will love it!

25 – February – 2021 

St. Patrick’s Day! Not everything is beer on this day, we will tell you the true story of this celebration that is celebrated with so much enthusiasm in the month of March in Ireland and in many other places around the world. Click here on Feedback Learnex. You’ll love it!


18 – February – 2021

Holi is known as the «Festival of Colors» or the «festival of love» in India. Celebrating this at the rise of the full moon in March, where people come together to celebrate this long-awaited festival of colors, singing and dancing around the fire in a ritual that represents the victory of good over evil. Click here on Feedback Learnex and marvel at this topic.

11 – February – 2021

Is it possible to keep the relationship afloat when you want to work as a couple? The answer is yes, it all depends on the independence and the difference of spaces that are established. Click, subscribe and enjoy this and many more topics.

04 – February – 2021

The game of the year and the most important in the NFL, the Super Bowl, is getting closer and closer. An encounter that brings to mind dozens of moments of success or defeat … Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover more about this great event that travels the world. You’ll love it!

28 – January – 2021 

Enjoy being enthusiastic, fill yourself with passion, inspiration and motivation. Do you know how to achieve it? … Here we tell you how, click and marvel at this transmission

21 – January – 2021 

Carrying out physical exercise in our daily lives is essential for our health. Keeping us in shape will improve our immune system and health. Click here on Feedback Learnex and enjoy this energizing theme.

14 – January – 2021

Mindfulness is the focus of attention in the present moment, it is a method to achieve full attention, focusing on what is happening «here and now» . Click on this issue of Feedback Learnex and enjoy it.

07 –January– 2021

We give you some tips so that your job interview is a success, since these times of change are necessary and you must be more prepared than ever. Click here on Feedback Learnex.

31 – December -2020

Just do it! In addition to sportswear and manufacturing equipment, Nike is a sponsor of many top-level athletes and sports teams around the world, with the famous slogan «Just do it» and the logo, called the Swoosh … Click and get involved in this fascinating topic. «Feedback Learnex»

24 – December -2020

Christmas has so many elements that we make and put in our decorations because it is tradition, but have you ever wondered the meaning and origin of all these Christmas elements? Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover the extraordinary Christmas traditions. You’ll love it!

17 – December – 2020

Over time, the posadas left the convents to be made in the neighborhoods and colonies of Mexico at the same time that elements such as the pilgrims, the piñata and the litanies were integrated. Click on this wonderful topic here in Feedback Learnex.

10 – December -2020

Did you know that a healthy diet must be accompanied by physical activity and good habits? So our quality of life will be excellent. Click here on Feedback Learnex and enjoy this broadcast.

03 – December – 2020 

People who speak two languages ​​are generally more adaptable to different situations, have more confidence and self-esteem. Learn more about the importance of being Bilingual, click here on Feedback Learnex and enjoy it.

26 – November – 2020

Thanksgiving began as a date to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the previous year in some countries … Learn more about this tradition. Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover more!

19 – November – 2020

Music is one of the most intimate creative expressions of being, it identifies us as beings, as groups and as a culture. Click here on Feedback Learnex and marvel at this spectacular theme

12 – November -2020

Shampoo, creams, cosmetics, have gone from being vanity items to staples, both men and women who care about their personal care and cause the cosmetic industry to grow by leaps and bounds. Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover a magical world. You’ll love it!

05 – October – 2020

Trust, pleasure, love, euphoria, tranquility, joy and even sadness are some of the sensations that music can cause us, without a doubt a sentimental impact as varied as it is intense … Click and marvel at this broadcast of «Feedback Learnex»

29 – October – 2020

The Day of the Dead, as it is popularly known, is an indigenous festival that involves the temporary return of the souls of the deceased, who return home, to the world of the living, to nourish themselves with the essence of the food that is offered to them in the altars placed in their honor. Click on this enigmatic topic here in Feedback Learnex.

22- October -2020

«Halloween»: what is the origin of «Halloween», the centuries-old tradition that mixes bonfires, spells, pumpkins and candies? Find out here at Feedback Learnex. Click on this creepy theme!

15 – October – 2020

Witches are recurring characters of the contemporary imagination, which endure and are affirmed thanks to stories, novels and movies … Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover more about them! You’ll be surprised!!

08 – October – 2020

Has your skin ever crawled when a black cat crosses your path? or have you ever wondered why you decide not to go under that ladder? … superstitions have been an apprenticeship from ancient times that to this day we continue to perform almost as a reflex action. Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover some of them.

30 – September -2020

Mexico is a country with a rich tradition, where wonderful and memorable legends abound. Through the years, all these stories have passed from generation to generation. Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover many of them. It will make you shudder!

24 -September -2020

Click here on Feedback Learnex and meet extraordinary Mexican legends that are full of folklore, traditions of a great people, customs, and values. A fundamental part of the culture of our country and that has accompanied us throughout history. You’ll love it!

17 – September – 2020

Typical Mexican Toys are an expression of Mexican culture, its joy and its folklore. Colorful, bright, wooden or plastic are part of our tradition and Mexicanness. Click here on Feedback Learnex and get to know the most representative ones and have fun Learning English.

10 – September – 2020

Have you ever wondered since when, where and how did the idea of ​​creating delicious tacos come about?Click here on Feedback Learnex and learn more about one of the protagonists of Mexican gastronomy … «Los Tacos».

03 -September -2020 

The traditions of Mexico know how to make each moment something special and bring great joy … Click here on Feedback Learnex and discover which are the ones that give identity and make our Country unique.

27 – August -2020

Music in the cinema is not only an element of adornment but it is a component that brings emotion, information and meaning to the narrative, which is why it is considered one of the most important parts in any audiovisual production. Click here on Feedback Learnex and marvel at this transmission.

20 – August -2020

Dick Wolf is the name of this man who has managed to create emblematic series, which have been successful not only in the United States, but throughout the world. Law and Order, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. or Miami Vice have in common not only that they fight crime, but that they were created by himself. Click and marvel at this great character here at Feedback Learnex.

13- August- 2020

If you are one of the thousands of viewers who got caught up with the spectacular series “The Good Doctor”, today we bring you the most curious facts about this exciting production. Click here on Feedback Learnex You will love it! #LearnexEnglishForever #TheGoodDoctor #FeedbackLearnex

06 – August- 2020

The series «The Big Bang Theory» has various curious facts that only the most fans know. In addition to being one of the series most loved by the public throughout 12 seasons. Click here on Feedback Learnex and learn more. You will be surprised!

30- July- 2020

«Vikings» has become one of the most popular historical dramas. The show is based on Nordic history and mythology, click and discover spectacular things from this series. Learn more English and click here on Feedback Learnex.

23- July- 2020

Many of your favorite series are based on books. Great books that reading fans may have already enjoyed, but are perhaps still unknown to. Click and marvel at this sample here at Feedback Learnex. #LearnexEnglishForever #FeedbackLearnex #series

16- July- 2020

Click here on Feedback Learnex, we will review some curiosities about the series of «The Simpsons» that we are sure you do not know about the most famous yellow family on television. You’ll love it! #LearnexEnglishForever #TheSimpsons


The profitability of some television series continues to grow despite the fact that they stopped recording years ago. Find out which have generated millionaire profits in this second part. Click here on Feedback Learnex, it will surprise you!

02- July-2020

Get to know some of the series that have left millions of dollars to their creators and the actors who participated … Click here on Feedback Learnex, enjoy this topic and share with us which is your favorite series?

24- June-2020

Currently, English is the most widely spoken language in the world, which is why it became the main tool to expand professional and personal goals. Click here on Feedback Learnex and confirm why it is so important to master it!


Virtual museums are a reality thanks to various digitization initiatives. We present you some of the museums that you can not stop visiting virtually. Click here on Feedback Learnex. You’ll love it!

11- June -2020

Mexico is a country full of talent, painters, writers, lawyers and various Mexican engineers have left their mark throughout the world for their great ability and outstanding contributions. Discover here in Feedback Learnex the inventions of Mexicans that changed the history of the world. You’ll love it!


Magnanimity is a willingness to give beyond what is considered normal, to surrender to the last consequences … to undertake without fear. Click and marvel at this topic here at Feedback Learnex.


The Technological Trends have had a great advance and their impact has been extremely relevant. We invite you to see the development of these, here in Feedback Learnex. Click and find out. FeedbackLearnex


Technology has given us the opportunity to connect with our loved ones even in the distance, being able to look into each others eyes even with miles between us is posible thanks to Video Calls. Are you ready learn about it 100% in English with Learnex?


The distance is nothing compared to our longing to feel united, that’s why Video Calling has become the main tool in this moments.


Are you doing Home Office and hating every second of it? We are here to change your mind about it! Find out how doing Home Office can be the Growth Opportunity you’ve been looking for.


Selfishness is considered a negative trait in a person, but is it? or it is necessary to have a little bit of selfishness to take care of our self?. Find the answers to these questions with «El Efecto Tarta» by Spanish Author Dr. Marisa Navarro. Click play and enjoy!


We all know that our brain is amazing, but have you ever wonder how language changes it?  Learn everything about how language our brain understand and changes with language. Click play and enjoy!


Learning is a process and everyone has a different way to obtain and storage knowledge. Do you know the ideal Learning Style for you?


What if we told you that energy can make physical changes. Discover Masaru Emoto’s theory and learn about these energy changes through Water’s Hidden Beauty.


Welcome to a countdown of the most successful animated movies in history, learn about their earnings and the work behind their success.


Welcome to the second part of 10 Books Taken to The Big Screen! Discover the last 5 books that were adapted to the big screen and became a huge success, so grab some popcorn and enjoy!


Are you a book lover? If your answer is yes, we are pretty sure there have been at least one time you’ve read a book and thought «this would be an amazing movie» and eventhough the movie adaptations don’t usually live up to the expectations of the readers there are some amazing adaptations that deserve some credit. Welcome to 10 Books Taken to The Big Screen!


Get ready to learn everything there is to one of the elements that have revolutionated cinema history: Special Effects, through one of the most acclaimed movies for it’s use on the production, just here in Feedback Learnex. Click and enjoy!


Let’s continue where we left off, shall we? Discover everything there is to know about the Studios behind your favorite movies just here in Feedback Learnex. Click and enjoy!


Have you ever wondered how is the life behind the scenes in the creation of a movie? Get ready to discover everything about the Studios behind the production of your favorite movies.


During the 60s’ a cult that seemed way too twisted to be true followed one man, the name Charles Manson. Discover the story of the mind behind despicable acts, like the murder of the actress Sharon Tate, that are remembered clearly even to this day.


The Oscars’ Awards Ceremony is really close and it has become a must to many of us to enjoy it, however… how many do really know the history of this important award? Find it out here in Feedback Learnex just click and enjoy!


V-Day is just around the corner, that’s why in today’s transmission we bring you the way that this romantic celebration is all over the world. Get to know how the most romantic day of the year is celebrated in other countries and get new ideas for you to celebrate this day like never before, just click play and Enjoy!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and along with the habit of not skipping it there are a lot of habits successful people have early in the morning. Take these habits to make your goals easier to reach, success is just a habit after all.


In Learnex we know you have lots of New Year resolutions and goals to reach this 2020, and that what is the most important thing for you is to be successful on them, that’s why in this transmission we are going to give you the secret behind a successful life. Click play and enjoy!


Sometimes all you need is a garage and a dream. Meet the garages that saw the beginning of the business legends that we all know. Play and enjoy!


A new year has come and with it a lot of new goals and dreams to fulfill, that’s why this time we have an special transmission that will help you make your 2020 dreams come true. Just click and enjoy!


2019 is coming to it’s end and like every end of the year the wishes for a New Year full of money, travel experience and love have arrived. In this Feedback Learnex edition we have you an amazing selection of romantic movies to binge on in your 2020 countdown. Enjoy!


Christmas has so many elements that we make and put on our decorations because it’s our tradition but have you ever wonder the meaning and the origins of all this Christmas elements?


Do you like reading? Find your english fluency while you enjoy your favorite Christmas readings and if you don’t have a favorite Christmas tale yet, don’t worry here are the Christmas classics that you can’t miss.


Are you ready for Christmas? In this Feedback Learnex transmission we’re going to find out the origins of Christmas Carol, so warm up your voice and get yourself into the Christmas mood.


Whether you like horror movies or not we are sure you know these characters, they tend to appear in our worst nightmares. Are you ready to meet these «Diabolical Characters»?


Between the pages of the books of these authors are worlds of mystery, terror and all that things you though you could only find in your darkest dreams. Would you dare to read them?


This movies will scare you not only because of their images and story but also because the Horrificaly Great Earnings they’ve made, how many of these have you seen?


Learn all about the origin and meaning of one of the most magical traditions in the world and have an amazing Día de Muertos


Witches are one of the oldest magical beings to walk the earth, but have you wonder their origins? Click and join the coven with «Witchy Origins; Where Did These Beings Come From?»


Is there life on other planets? Are these «Weird Happenings» proof of aliens visiting us? After all, in an infinite universe it would be such a waste of space to be the only living one.


Some people are born with a series of psychic abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, empathy, etc. Everything you need to know about it here, in today’s Feedback Learnex!


We’ve reached the 100th transmissions of Feedback Learnex so we have an especial program just for you. Click play and enjoy!


New York is one of the most famous and touristic cities to visit in the world. Known as the city that never sleeps or the big apple, this beautiful place has many secrets in store. Let’s discover them together on this episode.


Our independence day is right around the corner and getting to know our food is gettting to know part of our culture so join Mario and Marilynn for a trip into the world of flavor and color of our typical food.


Every brain is a galaxy, so is normal the we all learn in a different way but… why exactly does that happen? Is it possible that there is more than one kind intelligence? Find out here in Learnex Feedback!


Ever wondered how does learning another language changes your brain? Well, here in Learnex Feedback you can find out a little more about your own brain and the changes it goes through everytime you learn another language. Click and enjoy! 


Don’t despair! Here’s the second part to everything you need to know about international examinations so just click and get ready to conquer the world. Just here in Learnex Feedback!


If working or studying in another country is part of your bucket list you need to see this and get ready to make those dreams come true.

First step: The International Exam Fair!


Music is so much more that just a background companion we’re sure you know that. But what if we told you that music can also be a useful in your english learning process? Find out more about it here in Learnex Feedback.


Get ready to know why people say «pictures speak louder than words» with this images that have marked our society and it’s history without a single sound. Click to find out just here in Learnex Feedback


Do you like to travel? Whether it is a week, a month or even just a few days, traveling is most likely to be on your to-do list every year so… why not learn a little bit more about it?


Keep up the pace and find out where the future of technology and telecommunications seems to be headed. Keep your self informed with Learnex Feedback, just click and enjoy!


Wanna know more about manufacturing processes? Let us share with some interesting data from the PMI, just click to learn and enjoy!


Keep on learning more about YouTube and his world of creators here on Learnex Feedback. Find out once and for all What’s a Youtuber. Click and enjoy!


Meet the most prominent YouTubers today and discover why they have thousands of followers. Click here on Learnex Feedback. You’ll love it!


We all have within us that desire to be happy, a need that moves us to do different things in our life … In this Learnex Feedback broadcast we will introduce you to the «Algorithm of Happiness» and how you can feel good at every moment … Click and enjoy it!


Do you know what is the importance and the benefits of using friendly products that do not harm our planet? A theme that will help us create more awareness. Click and find out!


The Technological Trends have had a great advance and their impact has been potential. We invite you to see the development of these, here in Feedback Learnex. Click and find out. FeedbackLearnex


Behind every success story there is hard work, an effort to reach a desired goal. Meet characters with a great life story. Today at 9:15 p.m. here in Learnex Feedback


Discover how through the colors you use you can modify how you feel and how others see you. Click here in Feedback Learnex marvel and learn with this super theme!


The costumes today have taken a very important role and the personal image in the workplace should be strategic … Click here and discover how to do it here in Feedback Learnex


Meet successful businesswomen who are moms and have made impressive emporiums thanks to their perseverance, intelligence and dedication. Click here on Learnex Feedback.


Would you like to create a Superhero? Find out what are the characteristics you must have to be exceptional. Click here in Feedback Learnex. You’ll be surprised!


Telecommunication magnate Carlos Slim and Microsoft founder Bill Gates … Super Men who have contributed a lot to humanity. Click here on Learnex Feedback and enjoy this interesting topic.


Let’s talk about the participation of some superhero women in the Media. Here in Feedback Learnex. Click and enjoy it.


The superheroes have very human qualities, here in Feedback Learnex we reveal to you which are the most important! Click now and enjoy this transmission.



Superheroes with real powers! today join us to see this fabulous theme here in Feedback Learnex Click here you will love it!


The trip is coming to an end… Discover more about the places you have to visit before you die!



Discover more of the «places you must know before you die» … Click here on Learnex Feedback and join us on this spectacular tour.


Spectacular places that you must know before dying … marvel at this Learnex Feedback broadcast with Bora Bora and Villa Rufolo. Click, you will love it!




Discover everything you need to know to visit some of the most wonderful places in the world. Click and fall in love with these magical places. Feedback Learnex.



Get ready to discover some impressive places you must visit before dying. Here in Feedback Learnex, click and be amazed!


Zaha Hadid was an Iraqi architect considered one of the most important figures of international contemporary architecture. Discover about her work in this episode.


Are you curious about dating apps? Discover the most famous apps to find a partner on this digital age on this episode.


February 14 is not only Valentine’s Day, it is so much more! Discover all the things we commemorate on this day.


“The Cabañuelas” is an ancient system of meteorological prediction. Do you know how it works? Discover all about it on this episode of Feedback Learnex.


People tend to get confused between the millennial generation and the centennial generation. Do you know the difference? Let’s discover it together on this new episode.


Discover all the successful companies which were created on a garage on this new episode. Success can be found in the most ordinary places.


Check the second part of this interesting topic and become the best leader you can be.


It’s not simple to be a great leader. There are many aspects a leader should consider in order to motivate its team to reach their goals together. Let’s learn some of those aspects on this episode.


Nike is one of the most famous and successful companies in the world. Do you know what does its name means? Find out on this episode of Feedback Learnex.


Do you know the origin of Christmas tradition? Let’s discover the mystery of the most wonderful time of the year on this new episode.


Known as the city that never sleeps or the big apple, New York has many secrets in store. Let’s discover them together on this episode.


There are three parts in our brain in charge of different tasks. Discover how our brain works on this episode of Feedback Learnex.


Our skin is really nosy! It can reveal many things about us, specially our emotions. Learn how we can recognize all those signs in this new episode.


Do you know why ‘Thanksgiving’ is celebrated? Discover all the history behind this North American tradition and the customs they have around the holiday.


Do you love animals? Discover the most intelligent species in the world and be amazed by what they can do on this special episode.


Welcome to this new episode of Feedback Learnex directly from Incantatum, the Harry Potter themed restaurant. Let’s recall some facts about this magical franchise and its creator. Mischief managed!


Death is the greatest mystery. There are many theories and beliefs about what happens when our heart stops beating. Come with us on this journey to unveil the secrets of the afterlife.


Do you like prestidigitation? Learn about the history of this show and the main exponents that keep blowing our minds with their incredible tricks.


Learn about what you can discover through the body language of a person. Do you want to know if a person is lying or interested in you? Don’t miss this interesting episode.


Do you know there are many types of intelligence? Find out which ones you might have developed and the potential you can explore by identifying them.


Mexican food is as amazing and exotic as its culture. Check out this new episode and discover the strange dishes and drinks Mexican culture can offer.


Video Mapping is technique that’s taking over the Entertainment business with a cutting edge technology.


How do you celebrate the Mexican Independence? On this episode we talk about the traditions and customs we have for this very special night.


Recall the historical facts that led the Mexican nation towards its Independence on this episode. Learn about our roots and history on this special month.


Avatar and Planet of the apes have stunned us with their exceptional especial effects. Now let’s practice our English while we make a quick review of the technology used on these films.


Get to know the first entertainment digital park in Mexico City. Join us in our journey and improve your English skills.


Be amazed by an incredible medical invention that will change the life of many people and their health. Learn complex words and practice your English.


Marvel at the incredible landscapes we have in our beautiful Mexico. Discover stunning secret places and touristic spots you must visit.


Do you want to be surprised by the amazing abilities of talented people? You must watch this episode of Feedback Learnex and prepare to surprise us with your hidden talents.


Say goodbye to our Russian bimester with this new episode and learn more about this amazing country and its culture.


Don’t miss out this new episode broadcasted from Miami, Florida and a Russian cafe in Mexico City. Learn about the majestic places in the Russian landscape and its history.


Russia holds many impressive buildings all around. Do you recognize the most emblematic? Marvel yourself with this Russian architectural jewels.


We know you’re a big football fan but, do you know all about the brands that dress the World Cup’s teams? Check this information out and discover many interesting fun facts.


Dance and sing every World Cup theme song in history with us. Let’s hear each of them and make a review of their world wide acceptance.


Practice your English with this interesting information about the history of the FIFA World Cup. Learn many fun facts and improve your reading and listening.


Learn some interesting facts about the World Cup Stadiums and prepare yourself for Russia 2018.


Excited about the World Cup? Join us in this journey towards Russia 2018 and learn about the history of mascots in the World Cups.


Discover the best places in East Asia you can visit in your next vacations. Find out interesting facts about each country and prepare your passport to fly away with us to Far East.


Learn all about the amazing dances in the Far East. Discover about its origins, instruments, costumes and rhythm.


Do you know how people celebrate Mother’s Day in the Far East? Find out in this new episode and learn about its origins and the different traditions around the world.


Do you know about the unbelievable technology in the Far East? Don’t miss out this episode and discover some interesting details about the successful businessmen behind this industry.


Learn about the big companies founded in countries of the Far East and its history. Practice your English while you learn very interesting fun facts broadcasted from the Chinatown in Mexico City.


Prepare yourself to try out the exotic flavors of the traditional Chinese cuisine in this new episode. Learn about the diverse ingredients and the way they must be cooked.


Discover about the complex Chinese language, ethnic groups in Cambodia and Japanese writing.


Would you like to visit an exotic place? How about Thailand or Indonesia? Learn more about these amazing countries in this episode and learn English with a paradisiacal sight.


Find out all about the new bimester in the Learnex Community and all the interesting facts of the East Asian cultures.


Some Rock Stars have amazing qualities and their philanthropic actions speak for themselves. Discover the foundations of your favorite Rock Stars and how they’re trying to change the world.


Do you love rock? You must know all about these five legendary rockstars: John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury and Jerry Lee Lewis.


Celebrate the International Women’s Day with this especial episode full with amazing women who rocked history.


Remember some of the most iconic albums in rock history. If you like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd, you’re going to love what we have in store for you.


Rock has been witness of important historical events and has written its very own history. Check out this new episode and find more about the history that rocks!


Discover all about Glam Rock and its particular type of fashion and makeup. Let’s rock!


These famous people and brands totally rock! Let’s compare their main features to learn English and tell us who do you support?


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