Pay to Thrill: Zombie Experiences

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The idea of a zombie outbreak could be for some their worst nightmare, but for others could be an intense experience worth paying for. If you love adrenaline and are all about zombie pop culture, this type of events are just for you.

The zombie experiences are events or attractions where actors hunt you down simulating a zombie apocalypse. These activities can be located in a forest, a field or in a closed facility. We can find them in different parts of the world and the dynamic might be the same but each experience is unique.

Survival Zombie (Spain)

The creators want people to live their own action movie, every event has its own plot, characters, clues and main goal. The scenarios are planned in detail and if you get caught by zombies you can still have fun becoming one of them with professional makeup. At the end you get rescued by a helicopter, tank or ship, making this a truly realistic experience.

Cost: 30 euros.

Zombie Apocalypse (United States)

It’s a tactical experience which offers you the adventure of killing zombies with cutting edge military training weapons. But don’t worry, actors won’t feel a thing because they don’t use real bullets, instead they use lasers. The actors are highly trained and use costume and make up with the quality you would expect from a Hollywood production.

Cost: From $30 to $50 USD.

Zombie Experiences (United Kingdom)

You can team up with other survivors in a group between 20 and 36 people to battle the undead or go alone as a hero. You can choose different venues like an asylum, a prison, a lab, a factory or even a shopping mall. Each location has its own missions with special challenges and rewards.

Cost: From 30 to 130 pounds.

Zombie Survival Camp (Canada)

It’s a three day zombie experience camp where first you get trained to survive a zombie apocalypse. You participate in classes like archery, field tactics, martial arts, how to build a shelter and first aids. The last day is the zombie outbreak and you must use your acquired knowledge to survive.

Cost: $350 CAD.

Zombie Adventure (Mexico)

It’s an event that only takes place in certain dates throughout the year and only for 400 people. You can explore 14 scenarios, accomplish diverse missions and use distinct weapons. The entrance includes your own survivor kit with a bag, a t-shirt and a bottle. The entire place is surrounded by planes, helicopters and much more.

Cost: $680 pesos.

Zombie outbreak simulations are quite a business and they seem pretty fun too. Even if you’re not a big fan of zombies you can still enjoy the adrenaline of not being caught and accomplish missions with your friends.

Would you like to kill some zombies?

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