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YouTube is the main streaming platform for all kinds of videos and has been around since 2005. It is considered not only a platform to upload and view content, but it is also a social media platform where people can interact with their audience.

Through the years YouTube has become one of the main forms of communication and entertainment, displacing the conventional TV, especially with young audiences. Its success is such that running a YouTube channel is also a business and a useful tool to get your business known.

You can monetize your videos and receive certain amount of money for your views. However, you can only receive money if you own the content of your videos. If you use copyrighted content you won’t be able to earn any money and your video might be blocked from the platform or certain countries.

Businesses can earn exposure on the internet through original videos on YouTube, especially if they’re focused on trending videos that reflect popular culture. It’s important to be constantly updated on new trends to maintain the audience’s attention. Also, companies are using influencers to reach a younger public and convince them to buy their products.


  • Streaming: The activity of listening to or watching sound or video directly from the internet.
  • Monetize: To change something into money, or to express something in terms of money or a currency.
  • Copyright: The legal right to control the production and selling of a book, play, film, photograph, or piece of music.
  • Influencer: Someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave, for example through their use of social media.


Watch Feedback Learnex, select a topic you like the most and practice your listening skills.


  • Which commercial or influencer has convinced you to buy something?

Welcome to this activity. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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