What’s the profile of a Rockstar?

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Rock star,» at least in IT circles, used to mean «master of this domain.» But is it coming to mean, «We want a miracle worker, because we have no idea what we’re doing?You can find plenty of job ads that look for rock stars, such as «Senior expert guru wizard JAVASCRIPT/AJAX DEVELOPER» or «Hot NYC startup looking for rockstar developer.»

A few years ago, calling someone a «rock star» meant:

  • You were the (or a) big cheese in this technology domain and/or a specific community
  • You were reasonably articulate about the subject and/or visible (such as someone who shares knowledge publicly—book author, conference speaker, or just well-beloved for expertise within a particular discussion group)
  • And, in the context of a Help Wanted ad, it also implied «We’ll pay a lot»

Calling someone a rock star used to mean you were saying she was «best of the best».



  • Master: A skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.
  • Guru: An influential teacher or popular expert.
  • Wizard: A person who is very skilled in a particular field or activity.
  • Well-Beloved: Sincerely and deeply loved.


  If you want a contrasting opinion to broaden your perspective, you can read it here.


  • What does someone need to do to be considered a “Rock Star”?

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