What is a Rock Star?

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A long time ago, a rock star was an artist/rebel/hero who fronted a world famous band and sold millions of records and tickets for concerts were people crowded stadiums. Some rock stars would smash guitars or trash hotel rooms, lived with a crazy and extravagant lifestyle and would most likely abuse of some not so legal substances, anyway, people would admire them and follow them anywhere they went.

Now, after some years this term is not only for people who play music and sells thousands of concert tickets; The term now can also refer to someone with talent almost like a genius (for certain and specific situations or tasks) if someone is very good at what they do, anyone can be a rock star if they try hard enough!



  •  Fronted: To present a concert in front of a crowded stadium.
  • Trash: To completely destroy and/or disorganize some thing or place.


If you want to be a rock star don’t be afraid of failure, just go for it!


  • What do you  need to consider yourself a rock star at what you do or like? 

Session 1

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