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Hire People Who Share Your Vision

Getting the right people in your startup begins with the hiring process. For many companies, there’s pressure to just hire someone ASAP. But to ensure you’re hiring talent that will stick around, it’s important to hire people who believe in your vision.

Unfortunately, when a company fails to provide a clear vision, employees aren’t likely to stay and help build it. To discover what your company believes in, figure out the «why?» behind everything you do. By starting with “why?” (as Simon Sinek outlines in his TED Talk), you’re able to discover the true focus of your company and communicate it to new team members.

At MaxCDN, our “why?” comes from believing that time is the single most valuable resource. As such, we deliver objects around the world in milliseconds, all configuration changes are instant, and the average support ticket response time is two minutes.

Communicate Your Core Values

Having clearly defined core values plays a huge role in shaping your direction. They can also help you screen candidates and ensure they’re a good fit. At MaxCDN, we’ve spent a lot of time distilling our core values into easily digestible statements, such as “build cool stuff,” which helps with attracting great engineering talent.



  • Vision: The act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight.
  • Focus: A central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity.
  • Digestible: To be capable of being digested or swallowed.
  • Attracting: To draw by a physical force causing or trending to cause to approach, adhere , or unite; pull.


If you want a better understanding of this situation you can read it here:


  • Can a RockStar Employee have a different Vision than the company? Why or why not?

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