The Opportunity that Lies in Every Crisis

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The world is changing and with everything happening so fast it’s easy to fall in a feeling of despair, but what if we decided to see it as a new strategy for success?

In the Chinese language it’s common to use the same word to say crisis and opportunity and what they mean to say with it is that in every crisis lies an opportunity depending on how it is looked at. It is hard to see it that way, but all lessons learned begin with us feeling uncomfortable enough to decide to change.

Almost every grand invention and discovery in science and technology was born in the middle of a crisis; vaccines, the radio, telephones, medical procedures, etc. All of them have a chaotic background, a life or death situation that forced them to exist.

If we see a moment of crisis as an opportunity to improve our business strategies we’ll come back stronger and better prepared to confront any new problem in the future, after all let’s not forget that if there were only sunny days rain would never come, forests would dry out, and flowers would never bloom.


  • Despair: the feeling that there is no hope and that you can do nothing to improve a difficult or worrying situation.
  • Strategy: A detailed plan for achieving success in situations such as war, politics, business, industry, or sport, or the skill of planning for such situations.
  • Bloom: When a flower blooms, it opens or is open, and when a plant or tree blooms it produces flowers.

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