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When we think about big technology innovator pioneers, we think in Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and some other US west coast, but we take a look for successful stories at Far East.

The smartphone, for example, has become the customary way to access the internet; reached a scale never has seen you before, and it consequences. With the smartphone we can explain the rapid growth of the big companies connected by internet and go beyond trough a smart cellphone, such as: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, NetEase, Info Edge, Naver.

These are worldwide companies, because of the adoption of online social networks and e-commerce which have gripped the market quicker.

But taking advantage of the Asian tech boom isn’t straightforward. Large e-commerce companies rely heavily on the infrastructure provided by telecoms firms that supply fibre networks and smartphones, for example.

The Far East government’s belief that it needs technological innovation to keep the economy growing means its investment in the sector comes from an imperative rather than a ‘nice to have’ desire.




Asian market evolve very fast and however they seem are very far, their technology developed by them all days affect our life, If you are interested in the new tendencies and what is happening, check this.


  • How the technologies developed in other countries affect our life?

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  1. This article is it a reality, in this world than globalization grow up very fast. The smartphones is the device principal for de activities en de life because this provides many apps for de life.

    This is the reason why companies grow quickly

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