Social Media News vs. Traditional News Network

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Social media is changing the way we consume “news”. News is now spreading faster than ever due to the increased use of social Media.

Social media has quickly become a place to discover breaking news; and specific news stories. This is because now it has become easier than ever for anyone to post about news in their social networks. Soon mobile news stories will not only be able to be posted to a worldwide audience but also broadcasted as well if connectivity speed keeps on increasing as it does nowadays.


  • What is the difference between social media and traditional media?
  • How do social media users participate in news?
  • What would you expect to happen 5 years from now within this topic?
  • Do you think it will be easier for people to have an electronic device in the future?


  • Spreading: To (cause to) be distributed over an area of space or time.
  • Due to: Caused by; because of.
  • Breaking news: Newly received information about an event that is currently occurring or developing.
  • Broadcasted: to spread (news, etc.) widely, tell many people.
  • Speed: rapidity of motion or progress.
  • Nowadays: at the present time; these days.
  • Within: In, in the limits of; not beyond.
  • Stack up: Form or cause to form a large quantity; build up.
  • Struggle: To experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something.


  • How do social media sites stack up on news?
  • How do social media users discover news?
  • How does social media impact the discussion of news events?
  • How people decide what news to trust on digital platforms and social media?

Learning Tip


Have you ever accidentally changed the language on a device or on a website and then struggled to get it back again? We’ve all been there before. However, this can actually be a good way of learning an additional language. If you turn your Facebook, Twitter and smartphone settings to ‘English’ then you can continue to learn the language while you’re communicating with friends.

Welcome to this activity created by Narvarte Branch. Please follow the instructions below and take note of all the pink words, you will need them for the special activity session.

  • Watch the video.
  • Read the text.
  • Answer the activities in the comment section.

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