Parasite: Making History

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The 92nd edition of Hollywood’s most important awards ceremony: The Oscars, was recently held. The Oscars results made it a historic event after the South Korean film; Parasite, won 4 statues including the “Best Picture” category. Becoming the first Non-English speaking movie to win.

Amazing as it is, this is not the first time a Non-English Speaking movie was nominated to the most important award of the night. Before the amazing South Korean film won, the following international movies were previously nominated in that same category:

  • Roma (Mexico, 2018)
  • La Grande Illusion (France, 1937)
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (China, 2000)
  • Z (France-Algeria, 1969)
  • Il Postino (Italy, 1994)
  • Amour (France, 2012)
  • Cries and Whispers (Sweden, 1972)
  • The Emigrants (Sweden, 1971)
  • La Vita é Bella (Italy, 1997)
  • Babel (Mexico-USA-Japan-Marocco, 2006)

Parasite is a film that will have you laughing, crying and holding your breath while it crudely displays the truth about social differences.


  • Statue: An object made from a hard material, especially stone or metal, to look like a person or animal.
  • Nominated: To officially suggest someone for an election, job, position, or honour.
  • Crudely: Blunt, in a way that can be perceived rude and offensive.

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