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Some  of  you  may  be  shoppers  that  travel to  the  mall  after  Christmas  Eve dinner, but  your  last-minute attitude  towards  holiday  shopping  won´t  work well  if  carried  it  over  to the  holiday  marketing world.  When  it  comes  to  maximizing  your  holiday  sale  potential,  it  takes  weeks  of  strategic  planning  far  before key  dates  are  approaching.

Hare are some of the most interesting shopping  statistics.  

  1. Online  Sales  are  predicted  to  grow 15%  in  2019.
  2.  40% of all  online  sales  will  be  made  via  Mobile Devices.
  3. 47%  of  shoppers  don´t  to  pay  for shipping.
  4. 46%  of  shoppers  want  to touch  and  feel  a product  before  purchasing  it.
  5. 37%  of  shoppers  want the  option  to  return  items.
  6. There  are  774 million  retail  searches  on  bing.
  7. Today  the  average  consumer  spends  $1,226 on  Holiday  Gifts.
  8. 22% of  people  plan  to start  their  holiday  shopping  in  October.
  9. 42%  of  sales  the  week  before  Christmas   are  shoppers  looking to  buy  online  and  Pick  Up  in  store.
  10. December  26  was  the  4th  busiest  shopping  day  of  the 2017 season.


  • Statistics: A collection of quantitative data.
  • Online Sales: The  total  number  of  sales  received   on  an  internet  website,  internet  web shop  or   internet  store  for  goods,  products  or  services.
  • Shipping: The commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials.
  • Purchasing: The act of buying.


Try  to come  up  with  a  budget to plan  your  Christmas  Shopping.


  • Have  you  ever bought  online  for  the  Christmas  Exchange?

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