Investing in Mexico: Mexican Companies around the World

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Mexican companies can be found all around the globe these days. There is a wide range of companies exploring international markets, no matter which sector they are centered in. We can find from baking companies and financial services, to telecommunication companies or even petrochemical.

Let’s make a quick review of some of the most important Mexican companies operating or reaching out in different nations.


It’s a one of the largest chemical and petrochemical companies which dedicates to the production of plastic pipes. It was founded in 1953 and their headquarters are located in Tlalnepantla, Estado de México. It has an operational presence in 31 nations and their products can be found in 50 countries. It’s a leader firm which has half of the participation on the market worldwide.


You probably have heard about this one. Its products are well known all around Mexico and you can find them in almost every store you go. This bakery product manufacturing company was founded in 1975 and its headquarters can be found in Mexico City.  It’s considered the largest baking company in the world.

Nowadays we can find this brand of bread, cookies and pastries in 21 countries.  One of the reasons of its growth is the acquisition of more than 100 trademarks in several nations in America, Europe and Asia.

América Móvil

This telecommunications corporation it’s the fourth most important mobile network operator in the world. It’s headquartered in Mexico City and was founded in 2000 by Carlos Slim, the most important business man in the country. He’s been ranked the richest person in the world several times.

This corporation has operations in 24 countries and it’s starting to make way into the European market.


It’s a building material company whose headquarters are located in San Pedro, Monterrey. It was founded in 1906 and it’s considered the second largest building material company worldwide.

This Mexican company manufactures and distributes cement and concrete in 50 nations.  Among the Latin American companies, Cemex is the one with more global projection.


Coca-Cola FEMSA is a multinational beverage company founded in 1991 whose headquarters are located in Monterrey, Mexico.

It operates in 12 nations and it’s the largest Coca-Cola bottling company in the world. Approximately, this company sells three thousand two hundred and five million boxes per year.

Nowadays, we can find Mexican companies all around the globe which never stop growing. They are an example of the quality of products we produce every day in our beloved country.

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