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Rock music is perhaps one of the most popular music genres ever, and as such, it has a very specific rhythm and, of course, it depends on different instruments in order to create the fantastic songs that have rocked the world. The most iconic instrument used in Rock music is the electric guitar. The electric guitar has a solid body and they use amps and pickups in order to produce sounds that will have a wider reach than an acoustic guitar. The electric guitar is the instrument that has the most solos in rock music.

Another important instrument in Rock music is the drum set! The set is a combination of a snare drum, a bass drum, and cymbals, which are all played with drum sticks. The drummer is the person who marks the rhythm and leads the song. If the guitarist is the star, the drummer is the base of rock songs.

There are a lot of other different instruments which are used in rock music: bass guitars, keyboards and synthesizers, and even more classical instruments such as saxophones and violins have found their way into rock music, so make sure to keep learning about them!

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  • Perhaps: Used to express uncertainty or possibility. It’s a synonym of
  • Rhythm: The systematic arrangement of musical sounds, principally according to duration and periodic stress.
  • Wide: of great or more than average extension.
  • To lead: To influence or induce; to go before or with to show the way.


Do you have a favourite rock singer or band? Try to learn more about the instruments that they use! Different artists focus in different instruments, and even if they use the most common ones, each one has a different style and learning more about the technical parts of music will help you to learn interesting new vocabulary!


  • What is the most uncommon instrument that you have heard or seen in a rock show?

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