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The healthcare industry in Asia is expected to grow by  11.1% in 2018, representing one of the fastest growing regions in the world. This positive growth is fuelled by the increasing adoption of technology, innovative healthcare access programmes and the delivery of care outside of traditional hospital settings. Frost & Sullivan estimates that the Asian healthcare industry will grow to US$517 billion in 2018. Healthcare challenges of access and affordability in this region demand complex and innovative solutions that can only be developed if all industry stakeholders invest in greater collaboration. Key industry issues needing attention include policy innovation, support for new business models, development of patient-focussed technology platforms and the evolving role of consumers in healthcare.

With the exception of Australia, all other Asian countries will see an increasing adoption of private insurance, including those such as Japan and Singapore that have a strong universal coverage system in place. The rising cost of healthcare services is driving consumers to invest in better protection against healthcare-driven-poverty, while insurance companies are bringing in new channels of consumer penetration and wellness-focused products that leverage technologies to better manage consumer health.

They will head to US, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia in search of therapeutics and services that are not available or are unacceptable, in their home countries. Medical travel is increasingly emerging as an indicator of social class in these countries rather than a necessity.




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