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Gazprom is a global energy company focused on geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, sales of gas as a vehicle fuel, as well as generation and marketing of heat and electric power. The Gazprom Group is the world’s largest energy major in terms of natural gas reserves and production.

Another important activity of the Gazprom Group is the shaping of the natural gas vehicles market in Russia. Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo is the single operator responsible for promoting the use of gas as a vehicle fuel.

Gazprom operates both in densely-populated Russian regions and in pristine areas across Eastern Siberia, the Far East, the Extreme North, and the Arctic shelf. No matter the region, the Company seeks to minimize its environmental impacts. To that end, Gazprom implements numerous environmental measures.



  • Focused: The main object or interest, or the attention given something.
  • Shaping: To give definite form, shape, organization, or character.
  • Fuel: A substance such as oil or gas that is used to provide heat or power, usually by being burned.
  • Environmental: The air, water, and land in or on which people, animals, and plants.


You can learn more of Gazprom here.


  • What do you think about this kind of fuel?

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