Biotechnology Industry

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The new “Silk Road” just like Marco Polo back in the 13th century, intrepid explorers from the West are once again beating a path to the Far East in search of Asia’s great riches in science. European countries are working with Asian governments on projects to open research some of them focused on public health needs, viral diseases, agriculture, bioprocessing, drug delivery methods, cosmetics and biomaterials.

The development and evolution of biotechnology can be attributed to its being lumped with aerospace technology and computer technology as salvation enterprises in achieving economic success and by implication improving the quality of life.

This type of products requires tens of millions of dollars, various capital strategies have emerged to solve the financing needs of this industry. Key to understanding the financing aspect of this technology company is an understanding of its unique grouth path and the challenges faced.

The Japanese biotechnology market had an estimated value of 1,76 billions of de yens last years, converting it in the world´s second largest developer in this matter due to ageing of society and the increasing conscience in health care.In this country they have a high percentage of patents in glycotecnology, microorganisms, biochemical enzymes and bioinformatics. They invest in facilities for investigation and development to enforce their position as one of the most advanced countries in this sector.



  • Lumped: Something that is in a group.
  • Emerged: To appear by coming out of something or out from behind something.
  • Ageing: Relating to getting older.
  • Enzymes: Any of a group of chemical substances that are produced by living cells and cause particular chemical reactions to happen while not being changed themselves.
  • Facilities: The buildings, equipment, and services provided for a particular purpose.


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  • What do you think is the most advanced discovery nowadays?


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